For all the Nicki Minaj fans (You know who you are!)

I cannot say much about Nicki Minaj, whose music I am blissfully ignorant of. But I know kids can't seem to get enough of her shit, and her influence on her legions of hyper-glam fashion clones is undeniable. No matter what you think of her rhymes, the lady totally deserves her own comic...

this White Queen tribute cover made me laugh...

I wish I could say that FAME: Nicki Minaj looked really awesome, but it looks kind of bland, a word that could never be used to describe Minaj herself. But such is the case with a lot of these FAME comics by BlueWater Comics. Believe it or not, I really do wish Blue Water would smash these comics, and that they would catch on with the stars' respective fan bases. Whether it's biography comics like the FAME series, or more fictionalized comics using a pop star as its hook (like Sam L Jackson's sci-fi western Cold Space), I think such books can be a positive for the medium. I personally think Nicki should take the bull by the horns and get a team together to make her own ongoing book or fat graphic novel.
FAME: Nicki Minaj came out a while ago, even though I only stumbled across it recently. If you've read it, feel free to let me know what your take on it was...

While you're at it, recommend your favorite Nicki Minaj track! I'll look for it on youTube and see if I like it!

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