King City is in PREVIEWS!

you should go ahead and sweat your comic shop to order Brandon Graham's King City. The first of the jumbo-sized issues is in this month's issue of PREVIEWS, so go to your comic shop and tell them you want it! if they won't order it, tell them to kiss your black ass (even if you're not black) and find a comic shop who will! Tokyopop's King City OGN rocked my world last year, so i know you'll dig this series now that Image is relaunching it... it's SO ghettoManga (read my review here). anyways, this post is really just an excuse to run some of Brandon's artwork, so i'll just tell you to click to enlarge and all that...


Rodbuddah said...

I admit, this is looking real HOT!
Brandon's come a long way from NYC's MEATHAUS to this!

The future looks bright indeed!!

samax said...

i REALLY recommend King City. his work is cartoony and detailed at the same time. he's a comics NINJA!

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