Comicbook World #32

They only have a black president in the movies or comics when there's gonna be some kind of catastrophe (see The Fifth Element, Deep Impact, 2012), so i guess that's why everybody's losing their mind now... Iran is Buggin' Again, writing a drama with it's so-called elections that's stranger than fiction. Chechnyan gangster/terrorists suicide bombed a provincial Russian President into critical condition. meanwhile North Korea is feeling SOO Nuclear right now, and has a ruler who's just DYING to go Kaizen Gamorra on your ass... it's real in the field, son! it's almost like years of programming have conditioned the human race to think of black dudes as either a cause for alarm, or the ultimate go-to guy that can snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat on some Michael Jordan ish! hell, maybe they just see President Obama as some kinda big, black good luck charm.

the good news is that if life is immitating art, Black presidents tend to kick ass at handling world-threatening crisis situations! Obama has already saved superheroes in comics almost as much as they've saved him, Morgan Freeman quarterbacked the salvation of the human race in Deep Impact, and at least President Zeus was lucky Bruce Willis had his back in Fifth Element, right? so as much as Rush 'nem wish Obama's presidency will be a failure, if the collective unconscious has been telling anybody anything, they might need to stock up on their Haterade. Brotherman's here... Everything's gonna be alright!


Troy said...

You beat me to this. Good article, man. I was plotting out how I can do a thing on black presidents in film too.

samax said...

if you're still interested in writing that, let me know and i can use it for an article in a future issue of the magazine. get at me!

wallruss said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. On another note, I wonder if anyone is keeping track of all the Obama appearances in the multitude of comic book universes. He's saving fools all over.

samax said...

click the first picture, Wallrus! it will take you to the latest issue of Wizard, which chronicles his appearances, although i'm not sure how complete it is...

B_Steelo said...

Are you kidding !? They got Obama Chia Pet! Praise be to the Obama Alter of seeded vegetation!

North Korea ain't got shit now!

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