Bend it Like...

that new the Last Airbender trailer. what do ya'll think?


B_Steelo said...

I don't know how I feel about that title design, but the sequence is pretty slick

samax said...

i've never seen the cartoon. i'm curious what fans of the 'toon will think...

Rodbuddah said...

Nice promo!
I began to wonder when the lens pulls out to reveal the temple from Mortal Kombat;)

The promo makes it look like a winner, but I need a little more to be sure.

Corance said...

It's a great trailer. And, M. Knights a guy you can count on, though, some may disagree with me on that. I figure It'll be classic material.

Vee (Scratch) said...

For the record, Paul Mooney is right. Hollywood lost their minds years ago.
The Last Samurai - starring Tom Cruise
The Mexican - starring Brad Pitt

The casting for the lead role of this film and Dragon Ball Z leaves much to be desired. I understand that they want a greater reach for a larger audience, but movies like Slumdog Millionaire should dispel their conventional (lack of) wisdom.

Excuse my rant. I watched the cartoon once. I probably would have enjoyed it as a kid. It's ok.

samax said...

"but movies like Slumdog Millionaire should dispel their conventional (lack of) wisdom."

i agree with that 100%

i'm offended by the constant whitewashing of world culture. i didn't TRY to watch Chun-Li or DBZ for that very reason.

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