hey everyone! hope you guys are having a great day! i promise NOT to ruin your day complaining about how Marvel is keeping me from buying The Destroyer by slapping the camel's-back-breaking price of $3.99 on it. i'm not even gonna go into how at a time like this they don't need to try and bleed dry the people who are basicly holding the industry on our shoulders... what i AM gonna tell you is that CBR has posted a SWEET 5 page preview of issue #3 up for your viewing pleasure, all for special recession price of FREE! click the pic to claim your stimulus, cousin! in case you want to spend four bucks on a freaking comicbook (after all, it is pretty freakin' AWESOME), The Destroyer #3 is in stores now!


Vee (Scratch) said...

Marvel and DC's ever increasing price, those specialty-printed covers back in the days, and all other marketing ideas used to justify a higher price point has slowly eroded my interest in comics over the years.
2.99, 3.50, 3.99??? If I want to read any of the major titles, I'll check out the collected paperback in bookstores. Besides, the comics that I used to love like Spiderman, X-men, etc. have so many convoluted stories with alternate universe that some times it is not worth it any more. Writers are allowed to totally reinvent storylines, character's personalities and some extra B.S. I'm not messing with. In addition to that, I picked up a healthy appreciation for indie titles and comics that didn't center around men in tights.

I only stick with a few titles, very few. I was loyal to 100 Bullets, but now I'm on my Unknown Soldier kick. Some times I'll O.D on comics, but I have to stick to my budget.

I'll complain away . . . I'm having a so-so day.

samax said...

the Image migration helped introduce me to independant comics, and once i started publishing them myself, i really started to see the advantages of reading indies.

i try not to be biased against Marvel and DC, but i have a real problem with a regular length comic costing four dollars. i will probably buy the trade, unless i feel it's overpriced too...

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