Real Recognize Real

illustrator Angelina Greenwood sent this piece in for the MF DOOM ART CONTEST, and i'm excited to see what the reaction will be. today is the last day for contest entries. that means soon, people will be able to start voting on a winner! if you're working on a piece, you can still get 'em in today until midnight.


Goldi gold said...

I love it. Heads submitting some joints for the cause of art sake. Lawwwd. Cats cpming with it. gezzzusss

samax said...

i'm pleased to get submissions from females too. wait, that didn't come out right... LOL!

anyways, the ladies are representing! that's what's up!

GIO said...

Diggin the fuzziness lol Voted on this one! :D

samax said...

thanks, GIO!

bigkuntree said...

Love my vote!!

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