I just had a run-in with BLADE!!

what's up daywalkers? i been up all night drawing! in addition to my freelance comics gig (pages soon come) i knocked out another commission. this time, it's Blade for my internet homey JR Lemar! we got into a conversation on Facebook that had me ready to submit a treatment to Marvel. this character was nailed in movies by Producer/Star/NumberOneNegro Wesley Snipes, and hasn't ever been done nearly as well in comics. if i get a chance to do a Blade comic, i promise i'll KILL it...


J.R. LeMar said...

I need to start writing now. Since Captain Britain is getting canceled, that means Blade is no longer appearing in a monthly comic. So he's free!

Killer ZEES said...

That's awesome...you gotta do one with his fangs!!
A crazy thing I didn't realize; the movie Blade was the first movie Marvel made that has allowed them to do all the movies they're banking off now.

samax said...

ZeeS- i tell people that ALL the time. people credit Spiderman with starting the comics-to-movie craze, but (as usual) they don't wanna give credit to the black dude who did it first!

and expect more Blade! i did a gang of sketches to get one i liked, and learned a LOT about how i wanna draw him in the process!

JR- they are playing RIGHT into our hands!!!

EzekielRawlins said...

Oustanding, sir.

J.R. LeMar said...

Yep, Blade was the first successful comic-book movie since the end of the first Batman franchise. And it showed how much potential the character has. Even the weak 3rd movie still made over $100 million worldwide.

It's a shame that Mark Millar never did his 6-issue mini that he was planning with John Romita Jr, before they switched to do Wolverine instead. I know they would have killed it. But I know that Millar is planning to feature Ultimate Blade in an arc for his upcoming Ultimate Avengers series.

I just ordered the 2 trades of the last Blade series, for research purposes. I had only picked up the first issue when it came out, but I didn't care for Chaykin's art (even though I've liked his work before) & the story didn't grab me. But I've got most of the other Blade books, so I know I want to see exactly what they did with this series, and what went wrong.

samax said...

Millar is the guy i think would do Blade right. i LOVE the idea of him with JRJR, but i love the idea of him w/Bryan Hitch even more!

Howard Chaykin's Blade was not cool enough. He had the same haircut from Blade's early 90s appearances in Nightstalkers and that awful Spiderman cartoon.


anyone who doesn't love the Wesley Snipes Blade should be banned. he breathed new life into the property, and was looking FORWARD, not back.

Marcus McElhaney said...

Samax, you are extremely talented! I think Marvel should get you to draw a new Blade title!

samax said...

thanks Marcus! if you ever find yourself on a plane sitting next to a marvel editor, put in a good word for me!

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