WorldWide, Baby!

click to enlarge and swoon over Sanford Greene's cover to the French release of the Method Man graphic novel i reviewed a few months ago. in light of all the excitement being generated by Tyrese's upcoming comics project, consider how huge Mef's book COULD have been if the Wu promotional machine had been put behind this the way Tyrese has fully invested in his book.
Far from using Mef's book as some kind of cautionary tale, i think he should gear up and use the new media to push this book again, not primarily at comics fans (like me) but at Method Man fans (also, like me... as it turns out)! consider what he could do in terms of multi-task media attention (beef, the new Blackout album, etc have people calling on Iron Lung to chime in... why not throw the elevator pitch for the OGN while they listening?). even better, he should task Atchison and Green with smashing out a follow-up (maybe including Redman in the fun this time) and then swing for the bleachers! if you haven't read this book, peep my review. i think the book's worth giving a look!


Vee (Scratch) said...

You're not lying when you said Method needs some of Tyrese Gibson's passion.

samax said...

I'm SAYIN' though...

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