it didn't seem possible...

for those who didn't know, i finished my largest freelance assignment to date a couple weeks ago. it wound up being an 85 page long graphic novel with full color art and letters by me. i was very pleased with the accomplishment, and more importantly, so was the client! after taking last week to exhale, i started on the next assignment yesterday. i'm also working on several other projects, including getting the ghettoManga magazine back on track (begining with the summer issue). thanks to everyone who helped me stay motivated, and to all the readers who support my comics and this blog!
stay tuned!


Michael said...

I enjoyed seeing you post new pages every week. Please continue to do that. It's good energy to see other sequential freelancers rolling pages out.

samax said...

oh, okay.
i didn't get many comments on it, so i stopped posting them. i can bring it back!

Goldi gold said...

cnngratz sir

Corance said...

Nice!!! Congratulations man.

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