Rachel Rage is In the Street!

On a whim, i decided to check OldeTowne Comix's Website and i was shocked to realize they had dropped that Rachel Rage OGN right under my freakin' nose, and i didn't even KNOW it! well i would be remiss if i let that stand, so i went ahead and ordered a copy. 'cause as my readers already know, i luvs me some Rachel Rage! lookin' forward to peepin' it and givin' you a review! in the event you don't wanna wait (and why would you, right?), you can order it yourself here in color or black and white! in case you are in North Carolina this weekend (you could be!), drop in on HeroesCon in Charlotte and find Rachel Rage writer/artist John Aston (here's where he is), and tell him I was geeking about his book on ghettoManga!


Kisura Usiku said...

So Im going to have to check this Rage Diva out...Im looking at her stance on the pic and I need to know more...

samax said...

click the Tag Rachel Rage and you'll get my previous posts about the character, webcomic and the author...

RodBuddah said...

I already got my copy, and it's off the hook!! My review is already up at PLANET GRIFFIN, so check it out!

samax said...

so jealous! i can't WAIT till mine comes! that was a dope review too, cousin!

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