Comicbook World # 30

Good News everybody! scientists found some dormant 120,000-year-old bacteria minding its own business 2 miles beneath a glacier. since they just couldn't leave well enough alone, they did their super-scientific alchemy and brought the lonely li'l microbes back to life on some jurassic park shit. don't worry though! i'm sure they are friendly little microbes...
anyways, even if the microscopic li'l jokers want beef, i'm sure the scientists have multiple anti-ancient microbe warfare scenarios on tap for just such an occasion. cause it's not like science has let us down so far right?if all else fails, and scientists unleash some kind of microbiological anti-god, i'm sure we can count on superheroes to shrink down and go into our bodies and kick their little micro-tails from here to... hold on someone's handing me a bulletin... THIS JUST IN: there's no such thing as superhero shrinking rays! we are soooo screwed...

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