heeere we go (again)

i'm on to the next comic. this is for the same client. since they REALLY liked the digital drawing/coloring style, i'm sticking with it.if some of these characters look familiar to you, it's because this is a prequel/spin-off story from the one i drew for them this Spring (The World as You Know It, Vol 2)... this one stars some of the supporting cast from that previous story, but about 15 years earlier. this is going in a totally different direction, so don't sweat the fact that you haven't read the other one...
if you're tuning in to vote on the MF DOOM ART CONTEST, relax, you didn't miss it... voting will start tomorrow. daddy needed to focus on making that money today!


Goldi gold said...

get it in fam. dope!!!

I Grade said...

What up! did my Doom World Wide sketch was on time or not ?


samax said...

i sent you an email Pavel!

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