LeSean Tomas's documentary series SEOUL SESSIONS: Episode 2- "The Foreign Exchange"

LeSean's documentary series Seoul Sessions returns detailing his time in South Korea working with arguably the greatest animators on the planet. In this episode LeS builds and destroys with super-talented anime director Kim Kidoo (Madhouse, AIC), working on an animated version of CannonBusters.

 It is a kaiju-sized pleasure to watch these two dudes collab. The process of converting LeSean's in-progress graphic novel CannonBusters into an animated feature could be a documentary all its own, so these peaks at the guys working on the animation art are a real treat. The next installment of Seoul Sessions will hit CreativeControl.tv July 30th.



corance said...

That was fresh. Very inspiring.

samax amen said...

yup! LeSean is the gift that keeps on giving!

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