Preview the hilarious all-ages comic "PANTALONES, TX: DON'T CHICKEN OUT" by Yehudi Mercado

I'm a huge fan of Yehudi Mercado (Buffalo Speedway) so when I saw this trailer for Pantalones, TX: Don't Chicken Out his upcoming all-ages graphic novel, I had to check it out. Peep the youTube trailer and some preview pages below...

Here's the Sales Pitch:
Animator Yehudi Mercado brings the zaniness of Saturday-morning cartoons to this wacky graphic novel! Appealing to fans of Adventure Time, The Simpsons, and Captain Underpants, Pantalones, TX: Don't Chicken Out follows the adventures of a band of misfit kids in a rural Texas town as they try to outwit, outrun, and outprank the ever-vigilant, taco-truck-riding sheriff and his giant chicken. Featuring spoof ads and an eye-popping orange casewrap in landscape trim, this book will appeal to boys and girls 5-15...and their Adult Swim-watching parents!

Mercado (who grew up in Houston) often says that he is equally horrified by and proud of Texas, which makes perfect sense to me as a native Texan. That ambivalence was part of what energized his epic pizza boy trilogy Buffalo Speedway. Obviously, he's playing it for all that it's worth in Pantalones. Unlike the delightfully crass Buffalo Speedway, Pantalones, TX will stay PG so you can share it with the shorties. I fully expect to love it! Pantlones,TX will drop digitally on Comixology in October, with physical copies landing in stores in 2013. Mercado is also planning an iPad game for Pantalones, so clearly he and Archaia Publishing are leaning into the digital revolution with this one.
 stay tuned...

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