Felipe Smith's dropping a new book at BOOM Studios... sorta

As you might have guessed, we are as pleased as can be to have high-octane cartoonist Felipe Smith (MBQ, Peepo Choo) back in the States after spending the last few years in Japan. In that Meltdown interview I posted a while back, Felipe let slip that he was working on several projects. The first promos have started dropping for Freelancers, the action comedy he co-created with BOOM Studios editor-in-chief Matt Gagnon.

Apparently, this concept was first concocted before Felipe left the country, and now that Felipe is back and Gagnon is a bigwig at BOOM, he has breathed life into it. I would be way more excited about this if Felipe was doing it himself, but Ian Brill and Joshua Covey seem like capable storytellers, so we'll give 'em a go. That said, this book doesn't drop until October. Why don't you click here to read Ian Brill's interview on CBR

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