“Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!” -Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba)

I am officially excited to see Pacific Rim, the 2013 giant-monsters-versus-giant-robots movie directed by Guillermo del Toro which will feature that dude Idris Elba as mobile suit pilot Stacker Pentecost. While I didn't hit the road for SDCC (San Diego Comicon for the uninitiated), I am happy to report that my heart is not filled with hate this year, so I am actually looking at the links people send me, one of which was a description of Del Toro's panel. He showed a two- and - half minute clip showing the giant robots (called Jaegers) battling the kaiju (giant monsters) in the film. I still haven't seen any footage myself, but this article made it sound pretty epic
I like Del Toro's visual style, and I'm excited to see how he takes this nerdcore wet dream and makes a real story out of it.
I'm also very pleased to see Idris in this genre. When I get my hands on one of the inevitable bootleg videos of Del Toro's panel, I will for sheez drop it here. for now, click here to read the Wired article on Pacific Rim that I read.


corance said...

This movie is right up my alley. Del Toro's very creative, but has had problems with story structure in past movies. We'll see if he's learned anything.

samax amen said...

I've enjoyed his storytelling on his original projects like Pan's Labyrinth, but felt he missed it a little on the Hellboy movies. But Hellboy is perfect at being what it is. I don't even like to see anyone draw it except Mignola.

I think del Toro is quite brilliant, but not a typical blockbuster-er. It will be fun to see him go full-retarded on this.

Chazz said...

Definitely looking forward to Luther in Space.

samax amen said...

Woo-hoo! Me too!

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