PREVIEW- "Glory: Destroyer part three" by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell

It's that time of the month... you know, time for me to remind you that Keatinge and Ross Campbell's run on Glory is rocking my world! Monsters are all up in the little French village Glory's been hiding in... But is Glory the most dangerous beast of them all?

Here's the Sales Pitch:

"DESTROYER," Part Three
Mont St Michel is on the brink of annihilation. Riley Barnes is in the hands of the enemy. Gloria West is on the verge of death. All of it's Glory's fault and only her friends can stop her. All this plus the face smashing introduction to the newest, most deadliest member of the Extreme universe!

Glory usually takes me about 20 minutes to read at the most. Then I reread it a cajillion times waiting for the next issue. This book is clearly being written to be read as a graphic novel. I totally understand if you wait on the trades, but I'm gonna sho nuff be at the comic shop this week to cop Glory #28. It drops in stores tomorrow, July 18th.


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