Deviant of the Day #118- Beefy-Kunoichi aka James Stanley

If you like manga and hip hop -and lets face it, you probably do if you're reading a blog called GhettoManga- then you need to save a space on your rss feed, bookmarks and whatever other ways you keep track of hot shit for young comics dude James Stanley (aka Beefy Kunoichi), author of upcoming webjoint Part Time Shuffle...

It only takes a few seconds on the Part Time Shuffle website to know that this comic fits neatly into the niche I want to cover (yeah, that chick's wearing an MF DOOM teeshirt) so you already know you'll see more of this cat's work here! 
PTS focuses on Meiko, a listless young shop owner who somehow gets roped into the life of a part-time killer. I was initially attracted to Kunoichi by the design of Aishah who is already one of my favorite characters in the story.
"I thought how it would've been to have a chambara film made back then with someone like Pam Grier as the star of it?" Stanley says in an interview, elaborating on the conception of Aishah's character... "A strong, confident, wise, character with an almost defiant beauty to them that you see in every stride they make.  Those were the core thoughts to her design and her character"...

Anyways, Part Time Shuffle isn't exactly live yet, but James is definitely working it! For now, point your web-based peepers at the dude's Tumblr, Facebook page, Twitter and of course DeviantArt gallery. I'll get at you with more from this cat later!
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corance said...

I've seen this dude's stuff before. I'm really feeling it. I'm really hoping to see the comic soon.

samax amen said...

You and me both!

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