Don't Become The Thing You Hate The Most.


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In the nineties I was reading lots of superhero comics that were critiques of the genre.  That is, the characters often existed as an example of what not to do. 

My first attempt at this was the creation of the anti-hero Agent Orange.
I tried to turn the typical superhero origin on it's head, where the tragic origin leads the hero to hate superheroes instead of fighting crime.
So this is my first time mentioning the Super Human Affairs Commission, the Super Human Control Act, or the Costumed Terrorism Act.  All my characters are effected by these laws, which require every super-powered person or costumed crime fighter to get a license to use their special skills and technology. 

Of course, most of them don't, so they are regarded as criminals by the state.  Agent Orange hates super heroes, so he happily stalks and captures these "unlicensed combatants" where ever he finds them.

He finds, however, that he isn't much better at limiting collateral damage than the heroes are.  So part of his internal struggle is that in his quest to punish superheroes for the death of his wife, he is in danger of becoming worse than they are.
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-Samax ("some AX") Amen
PS- At least 10% of money I receive is donated to the Innocence Project to help free wrongly-convicted people from prison and to further fight injustice.  Thanks!
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