Giving Thanks for the Audacity of Art 😊


Hey fam,

This Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday, I had the song The Ego Has Landed on repeat much of the day. 

To explain why, let's go back to Wednesday.

After having a good zoom call with a client, I spent a lot of my time Wednesday listening to Jurny Big, one of my favorite emcees. 

Jurny is a pioneer of Christian Hip Hop, but his rhymes are definitely more hip hop than the average Christian.  He is a battle rapper who embodies the larger than life indominable spirit that makes hip hop fun to listen to and regurgitate.

He's one of the rappers I quote the most when I'm feeling good about myself.  But he's not the one I quoted in the comments. 
One of my Facebook friends jokingly suggested that I lacked humility because I suggested that I deserved to be successful.
One of my favorite quotes from Wed White and Wu just fell out:
"It showed me last time I felt humble, I took some pride in my humility.  What a stumble."
-The artist formerly known as Playdough

(from The Ego Has Landed, track 12 on Wed White and Wu)
Doing the art on Wed White and Wu was fun. I have been very fortunate to attract lots of musicians that I admire to work with.
It takes a fair amount of audacity to even attempt to make a living as an artist.  Toeing the line between confidence and arrogance is part of the job.  I make an effort to stay on the good side of that line.
On that note, I gotta go, fam.  
Thanks again for reading, and have a great day! 

-Samax ("some AX") Amen
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