A new bio for my most popular character.

All my longtime readers will like this...

Hey fam,

You know I LOVE making these Marvel Universe Handbook-style bios, and since he has already appeared in print, I knew I was gonna get around to doing one for MANCHILD.
I originally created MANCHILD in the early 2000s as a series of black and white hand-stapled 8 page minicomics that I sold at conventions and on my website. 

After working as part of a team on an all-ages comic about child superheroes, I went crazy with MANCHILD creating an ultra-violent comic that included every idea that would never fly as part of a kids' comic.  I love drawing kids being bad, so I did my best to go delightfully overboard with MANCHILD.

I pledged that every cover would have Junior holding a gun or some other clue that it was not for kids, so that parents could not say that the cartoon style misled them.
MANCHILD has a fairly complex plot and a large cast of characters, but I kept it simple for the bio. 
I published three 8 page chapters of MANCHILD while I was working in a call center. 
Then the I improved and colored them and republished them in color as episodes of my magazine GhettoManga.

As my freelancing career has taken off, I got sidetracked from making more comics. 

I thought I would return to self-publishing this year, but 2020 has been 2020ing.
Baby New Year 2020 (Great Expectations) ©2020 Samax Amen
Remember when you thought 2020 was gonna be awesome? 

My plan was to do some short comics AND to release some old stuff as digital e-books, including MANCHILD.  All that stuff went on the back burner.  But I'm still on it, so stay tuned.

One of the compromises I've made is to make these bios as a tease to what my fans can look forward to.  As I do more bios, you will definitely see more characters from MANCHILD included.
Got Photoshop? Get the PSD Template!
Wanna buy a copy of the blank template I made so you can make bios like this for your characters?   Just click the button below to download the Photoshop Document.  I also included a link to a blank google doc where you can type it out before entering it into your PSD (if that's how you roll).
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I am busy, but I have time for you, fam.
Speaking of busy, I have some client work to do!

Have a great week!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen
PS- At least 10% of money I receive is donated to the Innocence Project to help free wrongly-convicted people from prison and to further fight injustice.  Thanks!
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