((This is Gonna be DOPE!))

Bendis and Coipel. Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. Asgard Falls. "Mommy, I want it!"
here's the Sales Pitch:
the Marvel Universe has been left with its greatest villains holding more power and control than ever before. On the brink of madness, Osborn, in his final bid to take total control, targets the final obstacle in his mission…Asgard. Events are set in motion forcing our heroes to put aside the deep rifts that have grown over the past seven years. Opposing them stand a horde of evil that has begun to take down the gods of the Golden Realm! SIEGE will rock the foundations of every super hero, villain and team in the Marvel Universe. As an era ends, one word will ring above all others…”SIEGE.”
click the pic to peep pencils by that dude Oliver Coipel. SIEGE drops January 2010


Corance said...

Norman Osborn & Loki; together again for the first time! There'd be no excuse for this not being dope.

samax said...

and Coipel is sooooo sick. when he's not drawing Thor, i don't even WANT it.

This also reminds me why i draw superman the way i do. i grew up on Marvel comics... Thor and Captain America are the Marvel embodiments of Superman's qualities, and both of them are face-smashing badasses. i think maybe i'm projecting Thor's "god among men" and Cap's 'greatest man alive" onto Superman.

even a boyscout will tap your jaw if the need arises (right khalid?)

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