Comicbook World #38- "SPIDERMEN" Pull Bank Heist

according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram police are still searching for two men wearing Spiderman masks that robbed a Bank of America branch in Southlake, TX on Friday morning. The two armed and masked menaces brought their own spidey-sack and forced a teller to stuff it with cash, before bailing in a dark blue or purple minivan. according to surveillance photos, the so-called "Spidey-Van" had a busted rear passenger window, with some kind of red tarp or blanket (SPIDER-TARP!) covering the hole. police and the FBI suggest you not approach these cats if you see 'em, 'cause they probably have that SPIDER strength, plus they seemed like the were hopped up on symbiotes, so there's no TELLIN' what they might do! just call the Southlake police with any info at 817-748-8127... don't try to be a hero, okay!?!


Marcus McElhaney said...

Is nothing sacred anymore?

samax said...

okay? whyy couldn't they have used doom masks instead?

Arkonbey said...

I guess action was not enough of a reward.

Not Doom masks; they should have done Venom and Carnage masks, instead.

samax said...

right, right...
that would have also played into their obvious spider-envy!

B_Steelo said...

they should have put foil over their faces and gone as the Silver Surfer. Then painted the van purple and blue.

samax said...

Ha! That would RULE!

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