Look, Up in the Sky...

sometimes i forget that not all of you read my art blog... this is the 'angry Superman' drawing i mentioned in the Black Power post... i dropped it a couple times on other places, but forgot to post here on GhettoManga.
my bad. so anyways, I was never a big Superman fan, but I'm interested in drawing him now. many people have remarked that i make him look angry... maybe i got a problem with authority or something! LOL!


Joe said...

Not angry.
Not at all.
Truth be told, Kal El's attitude can't be much different than Bruce Wayne. You're the savior of a barely grateful city that "misses you when you're gone". I suppose he has more experience keeping a smile on his grill because his bill-paying gig has him dealing in the face of the public alla the time but c'mon son.

Besides, you're not remotely close to the first artist to depict him with attitude. You just bring the swag outa the tights...

samax said...


Ty said...

looks great. I wish I could make art like that.

samax said...

thanks Ty! thanks a lot!

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