Black Panther, Thulsa Doom, and Luke Cage:NOIR, in stores today

lots of great comics for you to give a look at your friendly neighborhood comicshop (if you live in the 'hood, there probably isn't a comic shop in your neighborhood, but you know what i mean), and I got some FREE previews for you courtesy of CBR. first up is Dynamite Entertainment's Thulsa Doom #3 (no relation to the hip hop supervillain, in case you're wondering) about an Atlantian warrior-anti-hero type dude who bears a striking resemblance to Djimon Hounsou (Amistad, Gladiator, Blood Diamond, Constantine, Push) that is totally intentional, no matter what the lawyers say. here's the Sales Pitch:
The origin of the ultimate anti-hero, Thulsa Doom Continues! Atlantis is destroyed! The world is in chaos! And Thulsa seeks his own path to ultimate power! From the pages of writer Robert E. Howard comes Dynamite's Thulsa Doom! Written by Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi, Zero Killer) and illustrated by Lui (Red Sonja) Antonio, the daring opening story arc continues!

i read issue 2, and it was pretty good! click the cover for a free preview!
also in stores today you'll find the latest issue of Black Panther (# 10, for those keeping score at home), which -as i've said before- is getting REALLY good under new writer Jonathan Maberry. here's the sales pitch:
Wakanda is under siege on all fronts. Storm brings her weather powers to bear against an unnatural force that threatens to sweep the land with blight and famine…T’Challa takes another step into the dark and destructive world of vengeance…and the new Black Panther prepares for a showdown with the last person linked to the assassination attempt on her brother: Prince Namor.
another day in the life of the Wakandan Royal Family... click the pic to get familiar via free preview.
And Finally, I wish i could tell you more about Marvel's "NOIR" books, but from what i can tell, it's putting an old-school noir style take on some of their characters. I saw a Daredevil Noir book last time i was in the comic shop, but didn't read it. but i came a across a free preview on Luke Cage: NOIR #4 that i thought i'd link you to... here's the sales pitch:
Luke Cage has been set up. Now he’s going to settle the score. And Harlem will never be the same. So lock your doors and order up some extra body bags, because things are about to get real bloody. Luke finally learns the truth about Stryker, Tombstone, Officer Rachman, and the mysterious man that has been yanking his chain this whole time, from right under his nose.
what do you guys think? peep the preview and let me know!
anyways, if you make it to the comic shop today, here's a few titles to check out! let me know what you're checking for and what you picked up too! a'ight?


B-How said...

Luke Cage is a dope comic...I went to my local comic shop looking for Mayhem and ran across it. I havent picked up #3 so I'm behind a little lol.

samax said...

yeah, it's hard to keep up sometimes!

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