Another Milestone in my career...

I've been doing fan art and commissions since 2001 when i started self-publishing as 1/5th of the mighty GhostWerks crew, but I had never been asked to draw any of the Milestone characters until this Holla Day commission sale, when one of my customers tapped me for this drawing of Hardware, Milestone's flagship character. I just tried to have fun with it. I'm at a point right now where i really enjoy drawing in photoshop... and when people pay me to do it, i like it even better! hope you guys enjoy the the drawing!


Goldi gold said...


Robert Trujillo said...

Damn Son, ur killin it with this one! Is it cool to use this for my blog post about u?

samax said...

thanks, buys! yeah Tres, feel free to use any artwork you like.

Cal Slayton said...

Very cool.

Corance said...

That mess is hard! I'm feelin' that ball and chain.

samax said...

thanks, Corance! I always liked the haphazard nature of Harware's arsenal, and how he wasn't averse to putting people to sleep!

Arkonbey said...


I really dig how you work the negative space. You give a real sense of solidity to a figure that is mostly not there.

Even though I use a tablet to color my web stuff and do tons of work in Illustrator, I'm still a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to full-on digital stuff. I'm not sure why.

samax said...

yeah, i'm a big lover of negative space, whether it's black (like this drawing), white or some other color.

but i know what you mean about digital stuff. i do art all kinds of different ways, and the realities that lead to digital coloring (versus watercolor, for example)are the same realities that lead to digital drawing for me.

on my paid freelance work, speed became a major issue, and as i started trying to cut redundancies out of my work flow, i found myself doing more digital trickery, and eventually many pages were just created straight digital.

I still feel most competent drawing on paper. actually, many of my comics-making friends gag when i tell them that i draw comics on typing paper (not on bristol or a more official art board), or that i don't often erase my pencils, or that i draw with ballpoint pens or sharpies, or any of the other 100 things i do differently than the 'established way' to draw comics. but like i said, i feel most competent drawing on paper.

but, i'm doing a lot in computer for expediency, and having a good time with it.

my last couple of comics (totaling 154 pages) were done 90% digitally, from 'pencils' to letters. i probably roughed 30 pages out on typing paper, but did less and less as the projects went on. i did fairly detailed character drawings on typing paper for the first book, ending up with reams of "production art"... but the second book has MAYBE 4 or 5 pages of production art. it was almost totally digital.

doing those increased my comfort level with working this way, and i've been playing with digital processes for fan art and commissions where i could...

okay i'll stop now. anyone who read that whole answer deserves some kind of reward! here's eric Canete's deviant art gallery:

thanks for riding with me!

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