Quotable: NinjasDay Wisdom

"If your story is about ninjas, be sure to mention them in the first sentence. If it's not, why isn't it?"
- from the fake AP Stylebook,
Style tips for proper writing
-In case you didn't know, I have flexed my close personal relationship with President Obama (because all black people know each other) and we have officially changed Wednesday to Ninjasday. Appropriately, we at ghettoManga will break you off a Ninja-approved video of some sort (to help you Start the Day off Right) plus some Ninja-related wisdom every Ninjasday morning without fail for the Quotable, and seal it with my new joint Ninja Solutions every Ninjasday Afternoon. if you have art or Ninjaworthy content to share, hit me at ninjaSolutions@ghettoManga.com. if our staff of Ninja experts deem it worthy, you'll see it on a Ninjasday!


Corance said...

Nice!!! I'll start keeping my eye out for the ninja-esque in my hood.

samax said...

you might need to get a ninja to help you (only a ninja can spot a ninja)

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