Well I'll be VAN DAMMED!

trailer for the straight-to-video Universal Soldier:Regeneration yep. UA is definitely on the Movies That Should Be Comics list...


RodBuddah said...

Yep Yep! Definitely a good pick!!

samax said...


Corance said...

Van Damme and Lungren; together again for the first time!!!

Arkonbey said...

Heyyyyy. That looks almost not bad!

I still have to see JCVD, though. I hear it's pretty great.

samax said...

i haven't seen JCVD yet. I wanna see it though!

as for this, i'm actually starting to be more interested in Direct-to-homevideo movies, as the theater film game gets more and more outrageous (does every movie need to be in 3d or imax?).

anyways, if i see this or JCVD, best believe you will see a review on my movie review blog!

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