Joe Kelly, Skottie Young and Eric Canete on ONE COMIC? where do i SIGN?!

I admit that i sleep on Marvel too much. ever since those bastards made an issue of Spiderman where my favorite superhero essentially sells his soul to the devil because he is too much of punk ass to deal with the realities of life, it has been a downward spiral in my relationship with the nation's leading publisher of fine spandex brawling. but THIS is too important to let pass...
that dude Eric Canete is handling the art chores on Amazing Spiderman, and Skottie Young is drawing the covers... and that's for a Joe Kelly script co-starring DEADPOOL! if that doesn't make your head spin, take a moment to spin it manually! anyways, click the pic and go check out a short preview... if it doesn't blow your mind, please return to the rest of your day with my apologies. otherwise, feel free to geek out with me in the comments.


Corance said...

Now, that's the stuff! That's why you can never give up on comics. Eventually someone with madd skillz will team up with someone else with madd skillz, and produce that classic material.

samax said...


Arkonbey said...

that cover is all kinds of great. Best mock of Liefeldian costuming ever.

samax said...

Skottie is on his A game lately!

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