My NEXT Favorite Super Hero...

what's up fam! here's another commission joint for J.R. LeMar. He was impressed with my 'angry Superman' drawing and asked me to bring the rage to his militant superhero Black Power (notice his symbol is a power switch like the one on your computer) after I finished the other ones I did for him, and of course I was happy to oblige. this was a fairly quick sketch with a watercolor marker, tightened up with a .08 micron. i shaded the face and filled in the blackspot shapes in photoshop. I had a blast doing this one... played around with the black spotting and was really pleased with the result. We talked a little bit about the character before I started drawing, and I definitely would like to read this dude's adventures. Hopefully, JR will get some books out with this character, so I can read more...


Come Bien Books said...

Yo! This is the one right here!

samax said...

thanks! i had a good time with it! glad you're feelin' it...

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