here's an Album i'm not gonna buy

but i like the album cover, so here's Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3. i generally don't care for sequels in movies, and i really think they are stupid for albums. very few records actually have themes, plotlines, or characters that we need more of (the legitimate justification for movie sequels), so it just seems like a lack of imagination. if there is any legitimate thread that ties these albums together, i'd love to hear it... anyways, the newprint will drop (like it's predecessors) on September 11th. feel free to flood the streets with it.


Vee (Scratch) said...

I'm still going to check out the CD, but I definitely agree with all your points.

I guess some one finally realized that you don't have to use an image of the artist to make an interesting cover.

Note, they actually tried to sell the American Gangster CD like it was a concept album.

Samax said...

very few mainstream artists know how to do a true concept album.

i like Jay-Z's rapping, but not enough to pay for it. he just doesn't say much that i need to hear. i'll get all the jay-z i need in my life on mixtapes.

Brandon G said...

I'm ok with jay-z's rapping
I wish it was more wit and word play and less of his business plans.
like Nas said "-just sound stupid when KRS alrady made an album called Blueprint."
So this is stupid to the 3rd power.

But I do like that cover.

samax said...


B_Steelo said...

yeah the cover is festive

B_Steelo said...

There were two concept albums that still hold true to me today:

De La Soul is Dead
KMD: Mr Hood

clnmike said...

Bump that, he has been consistant with his work from day one and still is head and shoulders over the rest. He could name the joint "Hot Plate of Ish", but I bet it wont sound like that.

Samax said...

great rapper. i just don't care most of the time. *shrug*

like i said, feel free to flood the streets with it like Blue Magic or KFC Grilled Chicken.

Unknown said...

I'll get the bootlegg (like I usually do with "mainstream"). The American Gangster "concept" was a nice gesture considering that the concept album has been forgotten in the Rap (not hip-hop) world, but again, how much of a concept is an up-and-coming drug dealer who finally makes it

The cover art is quite nice

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