District 9 is Mustard!

me and my boy copped some free passes to a sneak preview showing of the new documentary style sci-fi joint District 9 produced by that dude Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings,King Kong) and directed by his protege Neill Blomkamp. the film takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa where an alien ship has been hovering for twenty years, and the shiftless aliens inside have been relocated from the dormant ship to the alien superghetto, District 9. you can read my SPOILER-FREE full review here, but the short version is if you really prefer pure popcorn movies for the whole fam, have sensitive ears (or stomach), have a short attention span or are easily offended, SKIP IT and go see GI JOE or something... everyone else should RUN out to see District 9 before your friends spoil it for you! District 9 opens in wide release August 14th.

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