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Final Fantasy by Maja

Anime by Maja
so this cat Maja (like "major") is one of those people that loves anime subculture so much that he actually learned Japanese, and breaks into it (and spanish, for good measure) while rapping. before you make up your mind to dismiss him, peep the influence of real hip hop on songs like Final Fantasy (the best song of his that i've heard) off of his first album, The Amalgam Project... i can see myself enjoying this stuff in moderation, but real nerdcore fans will eat it up! go here for more if you're feelin' it... he did a remix of Superman and a single called Transformer that you can find on his youTube channel... they are pretty good, but not as sharp as Final Fantasy. i'll keep my eye open for more from this cat...


Vee (Scratch) said...

I enjoyed this drop. If I was younger and grew up consuming manga and playing Final Fantasy I would definitely rep this project. Doesn't matter, He gets NUFF props, I wish him the best!

samax said...

a lotta the nerdcore stuff i've heard is by people with no rhyming skills. this dude is putting pen to paper... that final fantasy joint is bumpable!

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