Ain't Never Scared...

here's a pin up i did for my friend Cal Slayton. it started as a quick sketch, but most of what you see was done with photoshop. shown here is Jack Brannon, the star of Cal's retro horror graphic novel Spookytown. if you like it, go check out Cal's work here. he's good and stuff! i will have prints of this with me at Dallas Comicon next weekend. Cal will be there too, and he always brings lots of cool stuff. if you can't come but still want to buy a copy of this, I should have them available by the end of the week to purchase online. this piece will almost certainly be in the next volume of Spontaneous when it comes out late this year. so anyways, hope y'all like it...


Cal Slayton said...

Thanks again man, I love it!

B_Steelo said...

That's pretty fresh man. I dig that ghost shadow

Samax said...

thanks guys!

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