Wherever Evil Exists...

Mum-Ra Lives by Samax.
for all my Thundercats fans out there, here's a piece i did as a warm-up today, featuring everyone's favorite decrepit Egyptian wizard, Mum-Ra the Ever-Living. I always liked the crusty old wizard Mum-Ra over the roided-up muscley monster Mum-Ra, but that's just me. for those who never saw Thundercats, Mum-Ra is an ancient wizard, essentially the most powerful bad guy on Third Earth, who comes out of his sarcophagus on occasion to make trouble for the good guys. when his normal spell-casting powers and deep legion of minions are insufficient, Mum-Ra can call upon the "ancient spirits of Evil" to transform him into a gigantic, musclebound demon-god capable of leaving the safety of his pyramid stronghold, casting even more powerful spells and putting speed-knots on cats if the need arises. unfortunately, upon seeing his reflection, he returns to his scrawny wizard form and must retreat to his casket to revitalize himself.
here's a brief youTube vid of Mum-Ra's transformation below. enjoy!


Vee (Scratch) said...

Good One.

Samax said...

felt like getting my Mignola on! i'm doing more fan art as i get ready to drop my next artbook "Spontaneous" 2009 this fall/winter.

o f l o d a said...

Awesome! That's real tight.

Samax said...

thanks, Ofloda

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