whatchu mean by BLACK Ops?!

there is zero action in this 5-page preview to the redundantly titled Ultimate Comics Avengers #1, but if you're like me, you may find it valuable for info purposes. i mean, it won't explain why Marvel decided to reboot its entire line of Ultimate books, or why they decided to turn ultimate Hawkeye into ultimate Grifter, but i did learn that Mark Millar is back writing the Ulitimate Universe's premier super-team, this time 'longside veteran penciler Carlos Pacheco (Avengers Forever). click the pic to find out why they're bringin' number one negro Nick Fury out the crates to lead a black ops... er um, covert team of heroes against one of the Ultimates who went rogue (and why). i have no intention at all of buying this comic, but it does look like it will be pretty good... may get the trade when it drops!


Corance said...

Well, it's certainly compelling. And, Pacheco is great as ever. I'm sure it'll be great.

Samax said...

i wish Jesus Moreno would have inked it, but Danny Miki is good too.

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