Dallas Comicon, Day One!

I had a blast at Dallas Comicon today! I didn't get a chance to get up and visit any of my friends' tables because we were super busy all day! it has been fun getting back into conventions, and this was the best one i've done in a while! here's a few pieces that were updated for this con. i had several prints leftover from previous shows, so with the new pieces i added, i had a good variety. i did some fan art, some of my own characters, and some non-comics stuff. i've found that people appreciate that you draw stuff other than comics... puts it in perspective, i guess! i wish the new issue of ghettoManga Quarterly had been ready(sigh), but it was still a great show.
it was a long day, but i'm looking forward to wrapping up tomorrow. i know some of the people who read this blog are from out of the area, so if you are interested in getting prints, let me know. all those who i met at this show, thanks for your support and thanks for reading!


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