What do you think of Vertigo's Django Comic?

 Some of the spirited debate surrounding Tarantino's ultraviolent blaxploitation/spaghetti western Django Unchainedhas died down, but thankfully DC/Vertigo is keeping the party going by publishing an adaptation of Tarantino's original screenplay for the slavery era shoot-em-up. Here's some pages from issue 3, which is in stores already...

Variant cover edition

As I've said in previous posts about westerns, I was not a fan of the genre as a child. I associated the era it romanticizes with slavery and Jim Crow, so I really couldn't be bothered with it. As an adult, I'm able to appreciate westerns for the power they have to enable political critique, and as vehicles within which revenge dramas can flourish without the wet blanket of ever-present government and counter-intuitive laws. In other words: In the Wild Wild West a man can kill them what need to be kilt.
Enter Django Unchained, a  story that at least seems to be both. But of course we know there is lots of disagreement (at least in the communities I frequent) about whether Tarantino's love letter to the spaghetti western should celebrated, jeered, or seen at all. Depending on whom you ask, Django Unchained is either entertaining or insulting.
Whatever the case, all that can be brought back into a discussion about the comic, which has reached its third issue. Now that the series is half over, have you been reading it? Why or why not? If you saw the movie, how did that influence the decision, if at all? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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