This hella tight wraparound cover by the mighty Dave Johnson would be reason enough to slap down loot for Shadowman #0 when it comes out next month, but this special prequel issue also reveals the secret history of the Shadowmen, and the origin of the undead necromancer, Master Darque. Peep a couple variant covers, and a short preview of this issue below!

Khare Evans cover

Lewis LaRosa cover

No actual cows were harmed in the making of this comic, PETA... you can put the petitions away. So yeah... for those who don't know, Master Darque is the zombie-slinging uber-sorceror final level bad guy of the Valiant Universe. Like Skeletor, Megatron, Mumm-Ra and Monstar, Master Darque is the source of every problem for the heroes of the Valiant universe, one way or another. So this origin issue is kind of a big deal.
Shadowman# 0 arrives in stores May 1st.


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