"When we form Voltron, I'm the Black Lion, so stop your bloodclot cryin'..." -Vast Aire

Tryin'a get caught up on commissions and put together this magazine... I'm not sure why, but when I sat down to work, I really wanted to hear this song Battle of the Planets, where Vast Aire is mostly just beefing with Cage, for reasons I can't even get into right now... Anyways, I was tripping the first time I saw this G-force/Transformers the Movie mashup on youTube. Vast's LXG homie Genesis benefits from being the one on the mic when Unicron transforms and destroys Cybertron.
"You gonna need to reboot your computer, go grab you some buddah, and stop fucking with these Lions of Judah" -Genesis

I'm bumping Vast's album Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey right now... I've said this before, but Vast Aire epitomizes what GhettoManga is about: Comics, cartoons, kung fu movies, and hip hop blend effortlessly with philosophy and esoterica in Vast's mind, happily finding their way into his unique blend of hardbody nerdcore rap thuggery. Click here for more Vast Airealism or just cop Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey, which sports features by Karniege, Cappadonna, Guilty Simpson and more! Great stuff!


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