Start the day off Right w/@SkiBeatz, Stat Quo & Nicole Wray

Yesterday was payday in our house, so I took my girls out to eat on some 2 for $20 type isht... even though that's nothing, it felt so good to just leave our worries behind, laugh, eat, and enjoy each other's company. Reminded me of this track Amnesia off Ski Beatz's triumphant 24 Hour Karate School Part 2...

"Now y'all some believers. Forgot my problems, cuz I'm paid, catchin' Amnesia..." 
-Stat Quo 

From what I know of him (which isn't much), Stat is a blue collar emcee with a decent flow and gab, but paired up with this Ski Beatz track and the Nicole Wray hook, his braggadocio takes on a 'Pac-like spiritual depth that I have been swimming in for days. Ski is a genius. I just hope he can stay in the pocket he was in on these 24 Hour Karate School tapes (that first one was FIRE!).
Anyways, have a nice day!

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