PREVIEW: Saga #1 by Brian K Vaughn + Fiona Staples

After creating two of the illest comics concepts of the new millenium (namely Y: the Last Man and Ex Machina), Brian K. Vaughn has earned his spot on the "Name You Can Trust" list. So when I saw that he had a new creator-owned sci-fi/fantasy series coming from Image, I thought you might wanna know...
Here's the Sales Pitch:
Y: THE LAST MAN writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN returns to comics with red-hot artist FIONA STAPLES for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Star Wars-style action collides with Game of Thrones-esque drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers, as new parents Marko and Alana risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war. The adventure begins in a spectacular DOUBLE-SIZED FIRST ISSUE, with forty-four pages of story with no ads for the regular price of just $2.99!

 I'm not all that familiar with Fiona Staples, whose skills have made her a DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm go-to girl for the last decade. Fiona Staples worked with some nice writers, but I don't think you're gonna beat a cat like Vaughn on a creator-owned book. But maybe that's just me. What I'm saying is that if you wanna get in on the ground floor of something big, put hands on Saga #1, which is in stores now [EDIT: This book isn't out yet! It drops March 14th, 2012. Sorry!]. I expect Vaughn and Staples to level up on this one.

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