start the day off Right w/Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend is easily my favorite new emcee (new to me, anyways) of this year. I don't know how long he's been rhyming, but he instantly impressed me with his golden-age-worthy lyricism and the breadth of his subject matter...

This song Phoenix is the latest video from the Sugar Cayne Experiment EP series by Crazy Al Cayne, where Cayne digs up beats he made in 1995 and uses them to create a new record with a new emcee. Cayne's first subject is Napoleon, who sculpts in songs like Phoenix "a new beginning to a style of HipHop that most considered dead. The beat is a direct link to an era in HipHop that HipHop heads hold dear in their hearts." No release date for the Sugar Cayne Experiment has been given, other than "real soon," but peep the bandcamp for more.
Also, peep more Napoleon here.
Have a nice day!


CAC said...

Thanks for spreading the word on our new video! Big Up!!!

samax amen said...

No problem! GREAT STUFF!

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