start the day off Right w/ StaHHR

More fire from the Empress...

yep. This is the first song on StaHHr's new mixtape That Was You? mixed by Dj Deliver.  also peels your peepers for Mother NTR with a Molotov Vol.1 which soon comes... This video was filmed, directed and edited by our favorite ATLiens Goldi Gold and C.Flux.Sing, so act like you know!
Have a nice day!


Mr. Hawthorne said...

Damn. She's nice as hell.


samax amen said...


samax amen said...

‎"10 outta 10 times penning land mines
How I plan mine snapping like a bear trap-bare facts
She naked truth in the booth-heat like over proof in a glass with vermouth: shoot
This rhyme don't follow protocol
Best duck and cover y'all
Looking for the fallout shelter
Delta, delta mayday, delta
Wave the white flag only thing that could help ya
Rappers are in danger like high blood pressure
Gotta breathe baby don't let this world stress ya
Shrine to ancestors on the bedroom dresser
Fresher than parsley ring the alarm
See, of me there's an army
Beautiful, charming
Sound bombing the storm before the calming
Heads need embalming dead on arrival
They doing it for fame, she do it cause it's primal
Instinct arrival of a new era without the fitted cap
Tighter than a doobie wrap
Fill a verse with content, still have em running back
Navigate exploring that
Cause they wanting more of that
Organic and raw from the 12th sign zodiac
Sharpening the scimitar, securing the perimeter
Big Ben pen game- never do it miniature
All Rights Reserved is following my signature

lead pipe the stereotype, thought i told ya
sister solar flow so polar
yin that yang, cop that slang
long range thinking like arms orangutan
split banana boat tracks like cantaloupe
sledgehammer gallagher smashing the amateur
front line, they rhymes get ate like lunch time
complete im plus nine, they close but no punchline"

Mr. Hawthorne said...

So fucking tight!

I honestly have only heard her on a few DOOM albums, with the track on"Born This Way" being the last time. I'll have to look her up.



samax amen said...

She has at least one album out already ("Almost Neva Was") and it's dope. She's an activist who's really active in the ATL. My dude Goldi did album art for ANW (and helped make this video), and is the reason I was exposed to stahhr (besides riding shotgun on the DOOM tracks... Still Dope is my shit!).

Hope that helps!

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