PREVIEW- Thunderbolts #168

 I haven't read Thunderbolts for a while, but they put Luke Cage on the cover again, so I'm interested! See how easy that was, Marvel? Anyways, peep a quick preview...

The Sales Pitch:

• Luke Cage takes center stage with the ‘Bolts still at large!
• With the Raft still a shambles, Luke finds himself a prisoner of Mr. Fear!
• Meanwhile, Songbird discovers a vital clue to catching the FugitiveThunderbolts!


I'm sure some people will appreciate the anti-Southern tone more than I did, but I can let it slide in the name of Glasnost or whatever... This artist Matt Southworth isn't blowing me away, though either. Hopefully the Kev Walker/ Declan Shalvey tag team will be back on art chores soon. I still want to cop all the trades from Jeff Parker's run on Thunderbolts, but if the art takes a dive, I might hafta abort that mission... I'll give Southworth a fair shot if it turns out he's in as the "new guy" on art, and not just a fill in. If you been reading, let me know your thoughts on the current storyline! At any rate, Thunderbolts #168 hits stores January 4th.
click here for a preview!
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