More VOODOO previews...

Worst. Lapdance. Ever!
Here's some more previews from the new adventures of everyone's favorite stripper/ alien superchick Voodoo, written by bad girl aficionado Ron Marz (Shinku, Witchblade). Peep samples from issues 3 (with Ron Marz creation Kyle Rayner) and 4...

I like Kyle's reference to the Little Engine That Could. I can also appreciate the fat half alien pimp... anyways here's some more...
Voodoo's New Year's Resolution: Cleavage on every cover!
Here's the Sales Pitch for number 4:  
The mysterious Voodoo has left destruction in her wake since fleeing New Orleans. Her nemesis Special Agent Fallon remains hot on her trail as she heads for Metropolis…and Fallon isn't the only one, as a new, third player enters the hunt.

Basri and the colorist Jessica Kholinne are doing a nice job with the art here. I've never read it, but Ron Marz is good with female anti-hero books (I'm thinking about pre-ordering that Shinku TPB, and it doesn't come out until the summer). Obviously, they are going for the Maxim audience with Voodoo, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that... Anyways, Voodoo #3 & 4 are in stores now.

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