T'ing of the Week is back!

Foo Bandana Print by Melita Curphy.
Am I the only person that NEEDS to have this bandana in his life?

Here's the Sales Pitch:
22" x 22" cotton bandana ( dimensions may vary due to washing/drying before shipping) The super detailed design is bleached into the fabric making the item retain it's softness. The design is IN the fabric not on top like with traditional ink printing. It is also completely washable, design will not fade or crack. The way the design is printed, the foo dog face can be worn to appear the wearer has gigantic fangs across their face.... or when worn across the head gives the appearance of having long ears/swirly bits on your head! Fun!
To get yours, click here.
So anyways, the T'ing of the Week can be a teeshirt or a toy or a fresh pair of shoes... just something I would buy if I had the money.  I quit doing TOTW posts a long time ago, but this bandana was so fresh that it provided a good excuse to bring the T'ing back! Click here for more T'ing, and I'll hit you again next week, tough guy!


corance said...

Wow, that's pretty live, yo! I like it.

samax amen said...

Yup! I need that in my life...

Arkonbey said...

Pretty cool.

Just the thing for when I finally hook up with that gang of former Chinese coolies turned stagecoach and train robbers.

Man, I've been watching too much Brisco County Jr.

Or is that just enough Brisco County Jr?

Mr. Hawthorne said...

I too am in need of that!


samax amen said...

Arkonbey- never got into Brisco... but I will vote for "Just enough"...

Mike- [nod]

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