PREVIEW- Shinku #4

 Did somebody say Shinku? Yeah, Ron Marz's Samurai/ vampire-killer smash continues! Peep the preview below...

Here's the Sales Pitch:

As Shinku closes in upon an ultimate weapon to destroy the vampire clan, the vampires close in on her and her allies. There will be blood! But whose? The sellout monthly series from Ron Marz and Lee Moder races toward the climax of its first story arc!

umm... that was AWESOME! Shinku's crew showed up just in time!! So like I said earlier, I'm definitely thinking of using my gift card I got for Christmas to pre-order that Shinku: Throne of Blood trade so I can get that "Christmas in July" feeling when it drops this summer...As for this particular issue, Shinku #4 drops January 4th.

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