Start the day off Right w/ M. Slago, Homeboy Sandman, Senica Da Misfit, and Playdough

Dallas-area Nashvillain, beatsmith and new dad [SALUTE] the mighty M. Slago dropped his new joint Attack the Wack!! last month/year or whatever and I missed it because I am not glued to the rap blogs, but don't sweat it... it's still dope now. Anyways here's my favorite track from that joint: WACK featuring better-than-your-man's raps by Homeboy Sandman, Senica Da Misfit and PlayDOUGh...

Yeah, you're welcome. So yeah, this EP or mixtape whatever Slago's calling it has a bunch of other nice songs on it: cuts starring the Co-Op, HeadKrack and Senor Kaos to continue with the favoritism, but what the hell, listen to it yourself and make up your own mind, tough guy!



corance said...

Ah, yes. You can always count on Homeboy Sandman for a dope/poignant verse.

samax amen said...

"'Cause they don't cypher in the hood no more.
The white boys grown up in the woods know more..."

that couplet has me bent...

corance said...

Lay ya hammer down, this is not Thor. Peace.

samax amen said...

LOL! Exactly! Playdough goes off too.

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