PREVIEW: Richard Corben's "Murky World"

Here's a few preview pages from Richard Corben's fantasy comic Murky World, which originally ran in Dark Horse Presents.
Here's the Sales Pitch:
In a bizarre land populated by hungry deadlings, cruel necromancers, and buxom cyclops, Tugat the warrior sets out to retrieve his lost horse Frix.

 I enjoy reading Richard Corben's comics. He always seems like he's getting away with something. I mean, where else but in a pitch for a Corben comic are you gonna find the term "buxom cyclops"? But it's not just his pervy tendencies... Corben's confident combination of cartoon proportions and naturalistic textures and lighting promotes the feel of a cartoon that's slowly becoming real.  Whether creating his own sci-fi or fantasy worlds, or playing with other people's toys, Corben brings imbues his stories with an awareness of diverse cultures and ethnic detail.
Anyways, Richard Corben's Murky World hits stores February 8th from Dark Horse Comics.


Arkonbey said...

I'm so getting this. I haven't seen anything from Corben since the spectacular "BANNER!".

That man can draw. His figures have such solidity and presence. I also like how he really works big blocks of black into his shading but it doesn't feel arbitrary or overwhelming.

samax amen said...

Yeah, he did a couple Hellboy books, but I don't know what else. Banner was awesome. I really liked Cage, also.

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